On-Campus after-school programs

In conjunction with extended day programs offered at various public schools and academies, The First Tee of North Florida offers on-campus after-school golf and life skills courses. Using modified and age appropriate golf equipment designed for kids, our trained team of coaches set up fun and engaging activities and games where students can learn basic golf fundamentals and have an introduction to The First Tee Nine Core Values. On campus after-school programs take place at the following schools during the 2019 Fall semester. NOTE: Participants must be a current student at the school where the program is offered.




National School Program

The First Tee National School Program introduces the game of golf and The First Tee Nine Core Values and Nine Healthy Habits to elementary students during physical education classes. Currently implemented in more than 110 elementary schools in the North Florida area, this school golf program creates an environment where young people are introduced to the lifelong sport while learning the basic golf motor skills and the inherent values of the game.

Physical educators receive professional development training and are provided age-appropriate materials, junior golf lesson plans, and equipment for effective implementation into their existing physical education classes.


Specifically written for coaches and volunteers at youth-serving organizations, The First Tee DRIVE is a set of 18 golf activity plans designed to provide a fun, engaging program which introduces kids to golf and exposes them to the behaviors associated with The First Tee’s Nine Core Values. The activity plans are designed in a way that allows for indoor and outdoor set up to fit a variety of locations such as gymnasiums, basketball courts, baseball, football, and soccer fields.

Using modified golf equipment, kids are exposed to these core value behaviors through games and sports they may already be familiar with, such as baseball, football, bowling and tennis; however, these games are modified to incorporate the four basic golf shots – putt, chip, pitch, and full swing.


School Field Days

Many of the elementary schools that we partner with provide students with dedicated “Field Days” as part of their physical education curriculum. These events offer students the opportunity to visit several game stations that offer a variety of challenging and fun activities. We can make the Field Day at your local elementary school more fun by having our trained create golf stations for putting, chipping, and/or full-swing using modified, age appropriate golf equipment. Our staff will create and supervise the activity-based station while providing basic golf instruction. Teachers and kids love it!


For more information about the above opportunities or to schedule, please contact our Outreach Coordinator, Linda Johnson, at linda@thefirstteenorthflorida.org